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Chibi Bitties

I'm not sure what to call them. Pixel-pals? Teeny-tiny Friends? I like Chibi Bitties

Whatever they're called, I guess this is what the kids are into. ANd aren't they just too cute?? What confuses me is when people claim to have made their own, which look ironically exactly the same. I find that the Anime Pet Shop and Navi's Orphanage have quite similar stuff, only one has more selection.

Chibi Adoptions are meant to look like you've caught them on a pokemon gameboy. They're super cute, although it's hard to tell exactly who it is all the time. AWW!!!

Quite a few of these little "game sprites" (as I've heard them called) can alternately be found under the angel and villian sections. If these are the things you seek, those are the places to look.

If you know of any other saturns to adopt, send the url to

Chibi Bitties
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Chibi Adoptions

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