Truth of the Firefly

I hoped when I looked in the mirror I would see something -Mulan Name [Japanese]: Tomoe Hotaru [Hotaru=firefly]  

Name [French]: Olivia 

Name [English]: Helen[e] 

Birthday: January 6 [Also Buddah's Enlightenment Day & Feast of Epiphany]  

Astrological sign: Capricorn  

Blood type: AB  

Favorite color: purple  

Hobbies: reading, collecting lamps [Firefly=Light=Lamps...there's a connection~~~]  

Favorite food: nihon sobah [Japanese buckwheat noodles]  

Least favorite food: milk [How can I LIKE you? I'm addicted to milk!]  

Favorite subject: World History  

Worst subject: Phys Ed. [Go Hota! Go Hota!]  

Strong point: injury treatment 


Hotaru Tomoe is the only daughter of the one, the only, Professor Souichi Tomoe. He is the principle/director of Mugen Guken School, which Te'nou Haruka and Kaiou Michiru attend as well. He was doing some expirement in his lab (mad experiements, too! Yeahyeah!) when something went terribly, terribly wrong. He ended up blowing up his house and killing his wife, whatshername and dearest Hota-chan. Along come these evil creeps who say they'll give Souichi-sama his daughter back *IF* she'll be a vessle for the ominous Mistress9, etc, etc. Of course, he does. Wouldn't you?

Of course, they didn't know it then, but they just happened to choose the most powerful senshi for this task. The spirit of death and rebirth. We're talking major power here. Like, BIG BANG THEORY with-a-touch-of-apocalyptic-savory-SPICE type of  a large control-freak's-birthday-party-fling with a nifty slice of WHIPPED CREAM OZONE c/o The Glaive power trip potential here. (Following that?)

All this occures in Sailor MoonS. As Hotaru her first appearance (anime style, I mean) is in ep. 112, and as Sailor Saturn in ep. 125. In Sailor Moon S, Saturn plays a fairly large role... you know, destroy the universe, that sort of thing... Her other appearances in Sailor Stars are lesser, but important nonetheless (Take it where you get it sorta thing). Some claim Hotaru is in that episode "The Past Returns"  or whatever number that is in Japanese, but I looked, and if you see her, tell me cuz I can't. [Manga she hits the scene in vol. 7, last act-- being 24...]

And I know it's only in my mind... -Les Miserables
Hotaru is a very shy and isolated person, who doesn't make friends easily. In her normal form, she has the ability to cure wounds. This power has been her nemesis in the social scene, her classmates claiming that this odd ability of hers is unnatural and gross. This has led to her spending most of her time in her father's mansion. Everyone in Sailor moon has a mansion, if you haven't noticed. I mean, except for Makoto... Or not, sorry, just seems that way...

She also has a weak body. She can exhaust herself much quicker than any normal person (whatever normal is), partly as a tradeoff to her ability to heal, though some (probably rightly) claim it's all because she doesn't like milk. That probably has something to do with it, but you never know...

While possesed by Mistress9, Saturn's only goal is to destroy all life on Earth. She also wields the fearsome polearm known as the Silence Glaive (Glaive of Silence. Silence Glaive. Same difference). She can use the weapon to slice through anything that gets in her way. As in Anything.

By the end of SmoonS, Saturn has killed herself and is reborn as a child, and (in the manga, at least) is adopted by Michiru and Haruka as their own. Then they take off in their helicopters, never to been seen again until SailorStars.

In Sailor Stars, Hotaru's reborn self takes the outer senshi into their Super forms, and is the last to be trapped by Neherenia in a mirror. She returns again later to aid in the battle against Galaxia, where her Glaive is destroyed (!) and she, like the others, dies. (Of course, this all doesn't last very long. By the end of ep. 200 everyone is up and running again.)

Does anyone have subbed SmoonS? I want some! I've only seen that "Arigato, Chibi-Usa" clip and Mistress9's defeat before. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but I want fansubs! Yeah yeah yeah!  

For a really great idea of Hotaru's life and role in Sailor Moon S visit Dear Diary in Hotaru's Home!
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