Who is this K-chan dude?
K-chan is the result of a fun activity at Saturnchild's Site for Saturnchildren. The task was to create a boyfriend for Hotaru. I don't know if the description I gave is really the best match for hotaru, but goddamit, it's the right match me, as far as I am concerned. Anyhow, I ended up writing a couple REALLY LAME fanfics with him in it. I find them rather satyrical considering I wrote them in grade 8. I say a couple things in japanese in it that make me sound "really cool", but dont' be fooled. I'm a loser, baby.

This one you are about to read reflects a lot of my feelings about Mamoru/Darien. Like about how I hate him?? I may refer to him as "head", or "what a head he is". That is derived from the term "stupid head", which defines him well. There are references to stuff he says in the first couple NA sailormoon series', so if you know them well, you may find this pretty funny. In the story, K-chan hate Mamoru passionately. No one really knows why. Not even me.

Describe Him Please!
"Hota's guy. Well, I'll try to avoid a description of my dream, but this is what I see. Tall. But not too tall, probably about a head taller so it's not too hard to rest a head on his shoulder WHENEVER she wants. I definitly see black hair, cut to the chinline. Why? Don't ask, i've not a clue, but I saw a guy with a do like that and it looked so sugoi!! I'm thinking maybe he should put a streak of purple in his bangs, but I should really get over it. (It's just too fun!) And he has to be psycho, almost, because Hotaru really needs to get out more. But then they can run around and go to retro cafes and stuff. And whenever she feels totally bumbed he can totally just make everything seem better, even if just a little (this is another attribute of being a psycho, believe me, I know) Then they should go into martial arts or something together, and they could kick some major butt. But he'd always let her finish the person off. It's only right. Then she could be in his band, the Depths of Despair, because all the songs are either about him, or about her. So they could alternate singing. So that's the guy I see! ^_^ I wish he were mine!"

That's the description posted at Saturnchild's. You might also want to know that his name is Kerr, but Hotaru calls him K-chan. Kerr is latin or something for "Dark" or mysterious". Which sounds cool anyway. It also sounds just like 'care', which is certainly nice.

Koi, I hear there is a picture!
Well, yes. I'm sort of embarassed about it, although it is kinda cute. It's IRONICALLY a picture of Prof. Tomoe after he's turned good again, with his hair turned black (poorly, I might add). It can be found at Saturnchild's Make-a-Man page.

Anything ELSE you're not telling us, Koi?
Well, the title is LAME@$$ed, I know. It's inspired by the show "Hey Arnold", which is also a pretty lame show. However, most things I do ARE pretty lame. On a less lame note, someone wrote a prequel to this fanfic, tho, about how K-chan and hotaru met and stuff. I think it's terrific, and way better than I would've ever thought of!! You should read it next.

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