Saturn KiSS Dolls

KiSS is a fun paper-doll dress-up prgrams for your computer. The KiSS program, downloadable at Otaku World's Big KiSS Page. I am have uploaded these dolls on my own server, so they are absolutely free to download.

**** However, tripod is ALSO a whore and tells me it can't find the files even when I click directly from my directory!!! Sorry for the inconvenience!!****

Still, otakuworld is a great place you should check out, and even subscribe in. But I'm too pov' to, so I figure you might be too. If you make any saturn dolls, or have found anymore, send them this way!!! ((I have *ed my favourites))

Sailor Saturn
by darkness
Well, okay. There are neat little collage-backgrounds. That's about the highlight here. I smell right now. I think I'll put on some deoderant. ... Alright, back now. Actually, the highlight of this is the little animations that are activated if you click on them. they're the ones shaped like videos are usually. Also, the fade in/fade out intro solicites the Sailor Saturn Fanclub. After all is said and done, however, I made almost 4 different outfits. It's just that I refuse to let Hotaru wear florescent green, that's all.

Sailor Saturn
by firefly *
Really, you can never be finished playing with this particular Saturn KiSS doll. It is definately at the top of my favourites list. With everything from her school uniform to the BLUES CLUES guy, there are more possibilities than you can shake a stick at. This picture is just one boring example of the millions of exciting possiblities...

Sailor Saturn
by silent angel
This person almost cared too much about this doll. she's got a couple hair styles, a couple outfits, not bad art-- But lots of fun codes! Like her attacks are animated, and other fun! Other than that, pretty mediocre, but as far as saturn dolls go, rather cool.

Sailor Saturn
by meagan and kandle *
This one is intriguing because of the many hairstyles available (waaay more than just the basic senshi 'dos)). However, once you've tried different combinations of fuku colours, the clothes that are left are pretty, but a little dull. Still a worthy investment.

Sailor Saturn
by darkness
The outfit shown here is, literally, the only remotely interesting thing that can be done. I'm serious, I loooked at all types of angles. It's this, and her fuku. woohoo...

Sailor Saturn
by stale chips
Again, you can give Saturn pretty much any uniform your little heart desires. Obviously it doesn't have the greatest art... but worse things have happened as far as KiSS dolls go.

by tasha
(actually listed under original characters, but what do we care?)
This is really fun. Especially if you're not into the goth thing. You can be as tacky as you want, and it pretty much looks like that's how it's supposed to be. The weird selection stimulates more creativity, and in turn more fun!!

Each and every KiSS doll is made by some honest, hardworking person who took the time to learn how. You can too, with help from the Big KiSS Page, some fun tutorials and some hard work! For help, try Kimiki, or silentangel.

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