In the light of Hotaru's Lavalamp Into the fire we are united

So, perhaps I'm crazy. Maybe I'm just insane. But there's another senshi in my life. 

Most people gag and say, "Saaaaaiiilor Maaarrs!" with a roll of their eye and a voice saturated in sarchasm. 

So Raye Hino is a bitch, and maybe even Hina Rei (anime style) but I can't tell why people would get worked up over kicj-butt manga Rei-sama. 

Martian Origins: 
I was first drawn to Sailor Mars before I had ever experienced her. All I had seen were breif clips during the DiC intro. Why Mars? Fire wasn't my element, and red just isn't my colour. Well, it all dates back to a 5th grade science project I did on Mars. I was intregued. So, when I discovered (the somewhat obvious fact that) there was a Sailor Mars, imagine my great joy... (or something like that, eh?)

[Oddly enough, I had a premonition that Rei would be the first to realize DARRIEN was Tuxedo Mask...]

So, just stare at this page for a while until I get the rest up and running. Can't promise much, Rei's not my priority, really...

Into the fire we are set free
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  • "Run to my room. In the suitcase on the left you will find my favourite axe..." 

    -Pink Floyd, 
    The Wall

    "Be careful with that axe, Eugene..."

    -Pink Floyd,  UmmaGumma
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