Deeper into the Darkness: Other Hotaru Sites
For the most Comprihensive up-to-date growing-like-a-pickled-radish link list, TC & Apathy Burn's Massive Saturn Link List in Alphabetical Order  is the Saturn incarnation of Karl's Unnessicarily Long List of Sailor Moon links. I'm taking most of my links down because, well, they're doing a way better job than me, and therefore I can give personal thoughts on select pages.

Saturn Related Highly Commended
(see also: The Darkest Shade of Purple)

Bow to the Glaive...*sigh* Lee did great things for the quality of saturn pages. She was at the forefront of revolution, giving us all a mark to aim for, something to strive toward as so many floundering site fell to the ground. Perhaps I romanticize. Lee wouldn't have wanted that. Although I am sad to see it down, I understand whole-heartedly why she did it, and why the glaive is bowed. ::peace to the glaive::

Silent Walls of Destruction is the most beautiful beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL site I have ever seen. It's just SOOOO awesome! If you don't believe me, go. See. It blows my mind! The groovification which abounds this place, the world of groovy-ness, so much groov~, so little time.

Saturnchild's Sailor Saturn Shrine is a super interesting, super original site. (It motivated me to update, what more need be said?) It's got a place to give 'er a NA name, a true love (whoa, was THAT fun!!) you name it. And Audio/video? Huge archive, never fear!

CyberWarlock's ULTIMATE Sailor Saturn Shrine, which has absolutely nothing to do with Terah's Saturn Shrine, is even nicer now than when it DID have something to do with Terah's saturn shrine. Though some of it made me go, "Wait... a minute..." it definately earned it's place up in the highly commended ranks.

Silence Cult I include because it is just so darn cute! Originally I believe it was Le Cult de saturne, and I wanted to include it because j'aime le francais. Mais, maintenant ca c'est en anglais, but it's still very cute. She goes into great detail to do interesting things, which strickens me to guilt. (But what else is new?)

Interesting, unclassifiable pages

Sailor Mercury vs. Sailor Saturn: Part of a God-knows-how-long series by, yes, those bitches at the anti-mercury shrine. I know I shouldn't promote them, but it IS pretty cute, especially Soui-chan's dictations! ^.-

Hotaru Koi: Not much there, something about sheet music, but I thought that was a freak of nature that I should chance apon something with both my name and hers!
Non-Hota, But Still Smoon Links

Ami's Cheat Sheet  is by Manga-artist Huna (As seen in Saturn vs. Buffy, and one of my best friends). It used to be the HUGEST site, with all her manga (personal plot, not fan art, not NT), semi-monthly survey, etc etc ETC, however she turned it into a self-serving site (as I have done now) and it it considerably smaller than it was previously.

You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When... No, this thing just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Mostly based on the DiC translation of smoon, a bunch of finish-the-sentence type deals. I printed a copy of this at the end of 1996 and it was 32 pages long. Now it's seperated into groups, and each of THOSE are probably 32 pages long. For a good laugh, go here.

Sailor Grub's Sailor Moon Manga Scans The happiest, most massive, most well organized manga scan site out there. Categorized, frames/no-frames, colour/black&white, art book 5 scans... you name it she's got it.