Quotes of Chaos
Say it the way we like it...

'Pretty soon, I won't belong to myself anymore...'
'Someone's taking over my body...'
-Hotaru, on schizophrenia

'It's not every day your hair grows eight feet...'
-Koi, on Mistress9 
'Does this mean... WE WILL ALL HAVE NO FUTURE??'
-Chibi-Usa, on the end of the world  
'I love this... agony before the destruction...'
-Saturn, on destroying the world  
'...everytime... with destruction follows rebirth...'
-Sailor Moon, on hope 
When coincidences pile up, they are
bound to have a certain impact, and
before anyone is aware, history begins
to go awry...'
-Saturn, on fate 
 "The purpose of life is to confuse others"
-Jita, on the purpose of life 
"The world dostn't end with destruction, but with a </html>"
-Tween, on these quotes 
"Life is like the undone shoe: annoying and in the way."
-Peaches, on how shoelaces relate to life 
"Everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon"
-Pink Floyd, Eclipse, Dark Side of the Moon