Reflections in the Koi Pond
"Skimming long the surface of reality

dipping into the water When it pleases your eyes

careening around the corners and the hairpin curves  

chance is just a way to live, And die."

-Cold Shoulder, 
Warm Hugs
Reflections in the Koi Pond: 
Hotaru Style
Hi-oos!! It's Køi here! This is my second pond! (My first one is in the Vicious Flower Garden) Here is where I voice my thoughts that are cluttering up areas in my other pages! So... so... so... 
Sailor Saturn~ I first experienced Sailor Saturn when a friend and I created her. I was watching YTV and a girls wrote in telling about all the 'scouts' DiC hadn't dubbed yet. She listed everyone except the stars and Saturn (and Chibi-Chibi) so we assumed that title was up for grabs. So my friend Olivia became Sailor Saturn. Later, we find out that she not only already exists, but her french name is Olivia!!! Neat-o!
The *real* Sailor Saturn~ I first experienced that real saturn via my friend who was already on the internet who described her as being "evil or something. She has these really spikey sleeves and this massive sword thing..." That was enough for me. Love at first description
Saturn's Spikey Sleeves~ Think about this. Hotaru=firefly, eh? Now, fireflies are insects, right? and insects have wings right? More specifically, they have spikey wings, right? (Like, not feathery unless your a moth or something and right now we're talking about FIREFLIES) Now, take a look at her original fuku. One Japanes Fan art depicted her with over exaggerated sleeves, which at least vaugely resemblesd a firefly's wings... maybe I'm just wishing it...
Saturn's likeablility in fanfics~ Consider the following. Sailor Saturn is the senshi of death & rebirth. She is the perfect, most lovable character with which we can do anything earthly desired. Everyone else has flaws. They have limitations. But here we have a beautiful, pre-developed character, who is dark and sinister, yet human with feelings, and can destroy the world. DESTROY THE WORLD!!! DO YOU HEAR ME??? Is this not the perfect instrement of destruction? Is this not the greatest time-defiant being we have laid eyes apon? And how can we deny her a role in our plot lines? She is the perfect character... of course if we ever wanted to write stuff and make money off it we'd be sued to OUR deaths (hopefully to be reborn in an alternate universe) and where's the originality if we plagerize? THE INSANITY OF IT!!!!!! ...kay sorry... *sigh* 
Saturn Banner Cycle~ No kidding, this thing facinates me. I've been sitting here probably half an hour just loading & re-loading my page (which is bad because it hikes up the hits, but...) just to see a new banner. It's sooo pathetically groovy. I'm going to start a Saturn Groove Page. Or something. That would be neat. Hold on, more later...

Saturn Of OzOkay, the groove page does not seem plausable or however you spell that. However, I was watching the wizard of oz today (25/07/98) and you know the guards of the Wicked Witch of the good old West? These guys have GLAIVES I tell you!! Hota would fit right in!!
That's all for now, I'm getting thirsty looking at all this water... ^.-

Any number of Koi pics (the fish) swimming in a group, or by itself, just not with the artificial blue background where it looks like a board. Thanks.-køi