The Psychic Girl's Profile

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Mars Rei-chan... Spirit of the Fire My name is Hino Rei
My birthday is on April 17th
That makes me an Aries
My bloodtype is AB (Atleast that's what I've been told. Ami's the REAL doctor around here ^_^)
The colours that really strike my fancy are red and black. Ruby is my favourite stone
I enjoy fortunetelling (I'll tell yours if you want!)
My favourite food is fugu, but I hate canned asparagus!
My favourite subject is Ancient Writing, but I don't like Modern Society
I have trouble with television
My strong point is meditation, and I want ot be a head preistess

I am really Pretty Soldier Sailor Mars! On my 15th birthday I went to a mountain to meditate, but my friends Mizuno Ami, Kino Makoto, Aino Minako and Tsukino Usagi surprised me with a cake. This was at the same time that there were some strange things happening at Mugen, the school that my friends and fellow senshi Te'nou Haruka, Kaiou Michiru and Tomoe Hotaru went to high school.

I, myself, go to T*A* Private school, and when all the others changed uniforms in Stars, I chose to remain with my original (which is SUPER cool, BTW). At my school I am a Queen, or at least, everyone loves me. And yet at the Hikawa temple people think I'm "weird". So we are comrades, aren't we Hotaru?

In the manga I am WAY more cooler than the anime, in which I am super immature as apposed to my sophistication in the manga. I am also in love with the general Jedite, whom I kill in the act I arrive. That's pretty bad, if you think about it.

As far as love goes, if I were to love a man I should want to love all of him. This may be uncomfortable for him, therefore I shall not love. I express this feeling in Memories of Casablanca, in which I do enjoy the company of my father(a politician)'s associate, Kaido. He basically marries this other chick out of conveniance, when he could've just as conveniantly married ME that baka (hold on, Rei would never say that about him...). Anyway, in the manga I get all these OTHER boytoys, like Mamo, Chaaaaaad (I love that name! ^_^) etc etc... And yet they can't handle the concept that maybe I could love Jadite just a moment! Argh!

Take off, it's too scarey in here![on offense Rei-chan...]
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