Mercy || Xenivier
played by  Princess Koi
[Koi Waters, Image mistress]

Characters name:
Mercedes Phyre Moke

Character's age: 17

>Mercy<, Charleston, ReeskoBaby, Sake


06/05/32 [June 5, 2032]

Where you live:
Private home with family:
Mercy lives with her adopted family in a small apartment on the 15th floor, corner pad. A short distance from her favourite used record shop, not quite downtown Tokyo. The inside is a light blue with small pink silk flowers here and there, and a fair number of mirrors. White furniture where applicable. Most shelves and tables are made of glass, and usually spotless.

Living family members:
Mum-> Moke Satsuki - a clean freak, but a good mother and wife

Diddo/Disso-> Moke Keitaro - a stock exchange-ist, constantly trying to adapt to the fluctuating market, high stress levels, usually sleeping when at home, or reading the business section on the couch, eating sprouts.

Baby Sister-> Moke Kiki- cute little button, about 1 1/2 old. Loves baby chickens and Hello Kitty (is this allowed?). Frightened by tellatubbies.  First word: "Boo!" Total Vocabulary: "Boo!" *giggling*

Physical Description:

Height: 5’5
Hair: messy red hair, straight dark bangs
Eyes: Green, not oriental (duh)
Birthmark: right shoulder, silver arc intersected by a straight line (bow&arrow effect)
Tattoo: left palm, hand with eye inside. Won a bet, loser paid for sitting.
Dress: Underground. A sub-cultural mosaic where anything is possible (punk-raver-goth, all for the price of one!).
Makeup: Nail polish (black, silver, grey, drkblue). That’s about it.

Biological description: Just for kicks during season one we discovered that Mercy is a freak. Due to her actually being from NeoTerra (see history), it seemed quite plausible that while she looks human, deep inside there may be some differences. After being severely burned by Jason/Phoenix, Mercy was able to have regenerated much of her skin within several hrs (8-10). Most nerve tissue was not, however. The doctors were not able to determine her blood type, and found other biological anomalies while she was in the hospital. The government is very interested in her ability to heal so quickly from the burns, and would like to see her involved in some “research”.

EMOTIONAL description:

Mercy is a spirited girl who is generally fun to be around. However, a nasty comment or two can slip out in the interest of "good fun". Her goal in interacting with people is to leave someone in better condition than she found them. Maternal instincts in her are very strong. This is mostly why she hangs around the punk/goth/druggie crowd, to help them in the way of their lives.

She may appear confident in her actions, and much of the time she THINKS she is, but there is an underlying sense of failure working against her. Her last boyfriend died, OD on morphine. Needless to say, she lost a great deal of faith in her ability to save people from themselves. It pulls her down, but also drives her forward, so that she might never fail like this again. Of course is wasn't her fault, but she takes a great deal of the responsibility on herself as healing him was one of her main goals in the relationship.

She isn't exactly an optimist, as she tries to view both sides of the situation, and give equal weight to each. She has more than once mentioned, "The benefit to being pessimist: you are either right, or you're pleasantly surprised."

Not that she lets negative thoughts get her down. She realizes that it's alright to be depressed at times, but for her being depressed is far too destructive to herself and the people around her for it to last much more than an evening.

When focused, she can have a deep insight into a person's thoughts and emotions, but she is uncomfortable with this knowledge and tries to avoid learning anything an ordinary person wouldn't. Sometimes this effort results in a near apathy trip, or the observer to label her a ditz or airhead. She calls herself a certified space cadet.

She finds her center in her deep sense of something beyond this world, and is kept solid by her belief that conscious and subconscious can overcome laws of physics and reason, and that all laws can be broken as long as you don't get caught.

((She also has an uncanny fear of going down stairways. Upwards is fine, as well as elevators, and heights don't seem to bother her. She will generally have visions of dark creatures and a light at the top of some use of perspective (hall, tunnel, stairwell). Of course, living on the 15th floor of her apartment unit makes fire drills quite the experience. There is a song she remembers from her childhood that when she sings it she is distracted enough to make it down about 12 stairs. Usually she bursts into tears by the end, but she's at the bottom, and all is well.))

Hobbies AND skills:

She has a deep creativity. She doodles (thick ink doodles, very graffiti-esque) a lot, but hardly paints, mostly thanks to the intense sense of cleanliness in her home. Welding brings her joy, when she gets a chance.

She appreciates music in almost all forms. However, pop frightens her, especially Japanese pop which she feels might be dangerous for dogs to hear. Satanic messages and the like. She plays a little piano and technically knows how to play clarinet, but spends more time on bass and guitar. An idle dream is to be a surf-guitarist.

She writes poetry, as all artists should, but doesn't regard them as decent or well formed. Usually friends and strangers marvel, but she associates with some very linear-minded people. Her spelling is fair-to-poor.

Mercy is a ritalin dealer, as well as caffiene pills and other open-market drugs/hormone replacements. A wannabe manipulative 'friend' Isamu tends to act as her 'pimp', which pisses the hell out of her, but it makes her job easier. She met Lance on one of her deals-gone-wrong.

Spirituality in general is an interest to her, but she practices no religion as she believes faith should be more personal than anything else, including love(romantic).

She has the ability to move things telekinetically. I threw this under powers this time 'round.

High School, special "self directed learning" program


Mercy's adopted family has close ties with their relatives in both Japan and Canada, and lived in Canada until Mercy was 12. They spoke Japanese often in their home so the move was not very upsetting, linguistically. She knows English and Japanese fluently, and continued studying French when they moved to Japan. When Mercy's family adopted her they were told she was from a poverty stricken family in the northern parts of Siberia, or thereabouts in the former Soviet Union.

Of course, any one who is adopted knows they are really an alien from another planet. Unfortunately, Mercy was originally born in NeoTerra. While still in infancy she was hidden on Earth by her biological mother (whoever that might be) and eventually ended up in said orphanage. Her planetary switch puts her in the position of being "hunted" by Vanishi and her posse, or she may be converted back to the fold. I wouldn’t know, I’m not really playing that field yet.

Mercy can remember little or nothing of this, or a time before she lived with her adopted parents. She does have an underlying sense she doesn't belong, but also feels everyone feels this way until they become one with whatever they believe in, and some type of enlightenment/ascension occurs.

Warrior Name:
Xenivier (zen-i-veer)

Independant Neither

Explain why if independent:
Thanks to the whole being born in NeoTerra thing, Mercy is subconsciously drawn into the whole scheme of things. When a strange light tells her the only way to find out where she's from is to follow this battle, she is compelled to remain with the cause, though not necessarily for the same reasons. To what side she will swing remains dependant on the persuasion of the Ebony Warriors and the NeoSenshi.

Symbol (if any):
Hand with an eye in it.

Warrior's Description and outfit:
When Mercy takes on her true form, Xenivier, she usually adopts a black trench coat type deal, which houses limitless tools such as ninja stars, lighters and shards of glass. w/ blk fingerless glove and a heavy chain necklace. her top is a high-neck sleeveless shirt that exposes her bellybutton, black with her hand/eye symbol on it in white/silver. She wears black cutoff shorts with a loop-chain belt, and a sensible pair of steel-toed army boots. Diva? yes.

Transformation If Any:
Usually triggered by a casual phrase regarding sight or vision, such as, "I see." or "It's all so clear now." With an open palm on her forehead, lit spurts out like water from a garden hose with your thumb on it. It envelopes everything, then splinters away to reveal our favorite warrior Xenivier!


-Level 1a-
Mercy can generally move things with her mind. It is something she practices often, but only sometimes thinks to use in tough situations. She generally cannot lift anything larger than a medium-sized dog, although she certainly can try.
Range: um, about a block?
Examples: Mercy and sailor music are locked in her room, she mentally can turn the lock. Also, she and Jason are outnumbered by federal gunmen, she mentally prods a gun out of one of their hands and into her own.

-Level 1b-
Biological Makeup:
I figure I might as well throw the fact that she can regenerate tissue faster than the average person in here, just incase. It’s not instantaneous or painless, but it is generally quicker than it would be. This is mainly just to put a twist in the plot.
Blood type: ?

-Level 1c-
"Believe Me":
A casual phrase turned trust-twisting spell. Used to get enemies to take your word, and increase their gullibility.
Weaknesses: Persons with a strong subconscious or psychic training are usually not affected by this "attack".
Distance: Works within earshot of anyone affectable, but they don't have to hear her for it to work. Unless they're deaf, which brings about another form of consciousness she is not attuned with, and her psychic powers being so young it is almost impossible to affect them.

-Level 2a-
"Splinters of Light":
An actual offensive attack! a cosmic lense focuses the light from nearest available source into the eye on her hand. the light can then be dispursed as laser-like beams in the direction of choice.
Weakness: does not work in complete darkness, strength depends on light source.
Distance: Again, on an especially focused day, 1000m. On a bad day, 25m. Generally 100-250m.

Items and/or weapons:
Ninja Stars in physical battles, or shards of glass she keeps in her pockets

"You shall see the light and it shall set you free."

-relatively high ESP
-clarity of perception
-outspoken Weaknesses:
-not exactly the most skilled fighter

-few offensive attacks, and these depend greatly on environment and other variables -torn between sides, indecisive

Mercy first entered the plot when she approached Lance (not shown) who was sitting on a park bench, mistakening him for her ritallin client. After this point she got caught up in the magical game of RoE-- never to really free herself from it. Damn. Yeah, Damn.