Sailor Nubu
Name: Sekato Sushima
Pseudonym: Seku-Sushi
Nick name: SuAge: 21
Sex: Female
Birthday: It's not really that important.
Where she lives: Apartment
Living family: None really. Not important.

Physical description:
Naturally blonde and therefore very pale-- which is okay because they make some really light foundation shades these days. Pink is her favourite make-up colour. To say she has the perfect body would be an understatement. Would be short in north america, but this is japan we're talking about. Long wavy blonde hair that she clips up during the day.  On her left shoulder is a "magical" tatoo of her sailor symbol (bunny with wings) *think: hello kitty*

EMOTIONAL description: No nonsense, yet fun-loving.
She is also a strong leader, without really knowing it, despite the fact most women hate her for one reason or another (her physical appearance, her success in a male-dominated field, the list goes on.)

Hobbies and skills: Not much time for hobbies between working and school, but she bellydances, and watches TV/movies.  She is skilled in First Aid, especially with her medical background.

School: Pre-Med at the University of Tokyo (is there even such a place??)

History: Su began her life as the illigitimate daughter of a McDonald's waitress.  But she had dreams in that cardboard box crib of hers. Her dream was to be a doctor-- however, in male-dominated japan a lower class girl had hardly the chance to become a nurse.  Now a pre-med, Su is proving determination and hardwork can conquer any evil. awww...

She works clubs to put herself through college and spends volunteer hours as a candy striper at the hospital.

Su was picked as a senshi for the same reason as anyone else. She has skills that could be useful, namely healing. On her own she has no magical healing powers, but her knowledge and so forth were substantial foundation. Su is not so concerned with fighting evil herself. She believes that she CAN be a unifying symbol for the senshi, and through their combined strength the  world can be won again. (what lofty ideals, huh?)

Warrior Name: Sailor Nubu

Team: Neo Senshi (essentially independent)

Symbol: Winged Bunny *think: hello kitty*

Warrior's Description and outfit:
-small feather wings (white)
-button up sailor blouse, tied at front *think: "hit me baby"video*
     -short sleeved, white, baby blue sailor collar
-long white skirt with high slit up either side, baby blue edging
-Mary Jane style rhinestoned shoes with high chunky heels (white)
-Tiara like a normal prom one, on top of head...
-Hair is down, shorter than sailor venus', but longer than Neptune's
-Gloves cover palms and go to elbows (like sleeves with thumb holes)

Transformation If Any:
enveloped by wings *think: "song of soaring" on Majora's mask*
Revealed in senshi form


-level 1-  Borrowing Energy
Sailor Nubu is capable of "borrowing" energy from other people. To do this she must be in physical contact with the person. Depending on how much she takes, the person will lose that much energy. This is mostly used after healing major trauma. Sailor Nubu WILL NOT borrow energy from patients, doctors or nurses, and probably not senshi unless she feels it is nessicary.
It can be blocked by not coming in contact with her. Clothing will not affect the transfer unless there are several layers (several = 7).

-level 2-  Materialize (non-weapon items: ie, crutches, slings, simple vehicles like a bicycle)
This takes a little more energy, but as long as she keeps it simple, it is very easy to do. When things get more complicated (like the bicycle, for example) it takes much more energy. It is helpful for when she is missing supplies and can't spend too much energy in her major healing spell.  Blocked by anti-matter

-level 3-  Healing (minor and major trauma)
Sailor Nubu has the knowledge to mend minor trauma without magic, but if her supplies fail her, her magic will heal easily.  It is fast and accurate.  This takes little energy and probably be blocked by an anti-healing spell, if such exists.
This takes a great deal of energy, but it varies depending on the injury. If someone was slipping out of a coma (into death), she would certainly pass out for a couple hours. Unless she can find someone to "borrow" energy from.

Soul Crystal/Star Seed: DO NOT KNOW

Items and/or weapons: Retractable nails (blue, sparkly).
I'm not trying to rip off the twins, but this is her most logical weapon.

-medical training
-sex appeal

-Doesn't want to do any fighting herself, and will avoid this if at all possible.