Your Real Name: Princess Koi [Koi Waters]

Your characters FULL name. Meg [Margaret] SMITH

Character's age 13

Nickname: Perfect Princess Megumi

Sex: Female

Birth Day: April 23

Where you live: Private home with family///[[lives in Calgary, visiting Mercy Moke's family for spring]]

Family: [[She is the cousin of Mercy Moke, in this really DIIIIStant sense. She's Mercy's adopted mom's sister's brother-in-law's daughter. That whole family lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.]]

Physical Description: BE SPECIFIC AND DETAILED! A gorgeous oriental girl, prim and proper and PREPPY all the way. Petite, probably 5'0 if that, but pretty tough for her build. Super straight, bobbed black hair ((her being japanese and everything)) adorned with little sparkly clips.

She usually wears little white shirts with a long sleeved light pink or purple shirt that ties in the front over top. She also likes to wear khakis and padded vests. Skirts with pants attached. Tank tops. "Shrug"sweaters. Anything pastel.


EMOTIONAL description: DETAILS! Meg's patience is very VERY short. She usually operates with the grace and poise of a princess, but if she doesn't get her way a tantrum is sure to follow. She is experienced at manipulating adults.

However, she is very loyal to her friends, and is very agressive in defending them. She also feels like she needs to protect them from everything, and often teaches mean ex-boyfriends a lesson.

Hobbies AND skills: When she's not painting her nails pink she is reading the new issue of "Diva Girls Daily", her favourite teeny-bopper mag.

On Saturdays she meets her friends at the basketball courts so she can giggle and watch the guys play while the gossip about the losers who tried to talk to them that week.

Weekdays they spend at the mall, usually Au Claire since they have the best arcade, and an Imax, if they feel like a good education or seeing Fantasia2000 for the 2000th time.

She likes to play baseball and basketball, as well as Tae Kwon Doe every tuesday and thursday. She's also on the girl's volleyball team, but she hates it thoroughly.

She thinks anime is cool but no one really knows of this interest, for fear she would lose her place in the stars.

School Junior High

Other School: [[Lives in Canada, does not school in Japan.]]

History: Meg has always been provided for with the best of everything. She'sgorgeous, and she knows it. Most definately one of the nastier little pre-teens around, her only friends are the other girls who are nasty little pre-teens, AKA the Popular Group. Her loyalty to her friends is very stong,tho. She has been suspended for starting AND finishing fights with back-stabbers and mean ex-boyfriends.

She has been sent to Japan to spend time with her ""cousin""'s family supposably because she's been bothering her parents to go for several months, but mostly because she has been getting in more trouble recently.

Everyone is hoping she will calm down. Plane arrives early, Moke family has not arrived yet. Meg wanders restlessly, a little scared to see the cousin/aunt/uncle she hasn't seen for 5 years. She's never met baby Kiki.

Deep down she knows the only way she got this far was an alterior motive of her parents'. They think she's failed as a daughter, she's sure. All she wants to do now was forget Canada, do something right, and beat someone up...

White Cat. She amuses herself with the thought that all Japanese cats can talk, and follows it to a place where she receives a Star Seed and discovers her new identity as Sailor Princess. Returns to the Moke apartment with most of family (Tho, Mercy is no where to be found).. etc.

Warrior Name: Sailor Princess

Team Neo Senshi

Symbol (if any) fleur-de-lis

Warrior's Description and outfit. Her tiara is intruicitely wrought silver that sits atop her head and winds downward with curls that frame her forhead where her symbol is. A larger saphire is set on top, with smaller ones like dew drops down the sides. This whole apparatus is far more secure than it sounds.

On her shoulders she may carry a long royal blue cape lined with a silver fleur-de-lis pattern. It is held on with two silver clasps at the shoulders, each with saphire jewels in it. Her fuku the basic model, the white very shine and almost iridecent. The skirt is royal blue, sparkly, with silver trim, and the bows are silver with a bluish tinge. The broach is a polished saphire.

Transformation If Any: <<Sparkly Diva Princess Power! Make-up!!>>

Meg wraps her arms around herself, and appears wrapped in her cloak/cape, which she unwraps from herself and strikes pose of giggly finger-to-mouth princess stature.


-level 1a-

Dazzling Discolights!

Closes eyes and conjures storm of random coloured lights, all of which act like tiny lazers snipping away at skin/clothing. CAUSES MANY NOSEBLEEDS IN ITS DAY!!

Area>> 100m.

Strenghts>> Nearly impossible to avoid, unless one is invisible or has a protective shield

Weaknesses>> often hits people on her team.

-level 1b-

Twisted Cabbage Head!!

Pulls out her handy-dandy Hyptic Sceptre, a tool for hypnotizing her foes. The air gets swirly, adn they see fresh produce floating around.

Range: Where directed. lasts about 30 seconds after Hyptic Sceptre is dropped.

-level 1c-

Peachy Airfreshener!

Hold out hand and her Explosive Orb materialized. She then tosses it in the air, and whereever it lands it send out a knock-out gas, effective for 10 minutes, often resulting in hallucenogenic dreams. Smells like peaches.

Range>> 1 room/100m open area (Strongest near the ground outdoors) Lasts 10 minutes

Strengths>> Helpful in escape, Kidnapping. Difficult to avoid. [Only a gas mask or a wind attack can stop it]

-Level 3-

BOMB Phat!!

Explosive Orb materializes agian, and she tosses it up REALLY HIGH, this time it acts as a bomb. Then forms a forcefield around herself and loved ones, which should let them coast on the wake of the inevitable explosion.

Range>> 350m

Strengths>> Takes out ANYTHING that's not protected by soem sort of forcefield.

Weaknesses>> Does a lot of damage to the scenery/buildings,

Items and/or weapons: Explosive Orb>> explosive/gas attacks. Hyptic

Sceptre>> for hitting, distracting via hypnosis

Slogan: "Mightier than Thou, don'tcha know!"

Other Titles: Oh, just get crazy with the princess pun!!

Strenghts/Weaknesses: Strengths:

-light, agile, quick

-strong, experienced at fighting (8th graders, anyway), good hand-eye


-extremely loyal, dedicated to cause



-She's thirteen!! Maturity isn't her forte.

-Next to no magic or paranormal powers

-has a real attitude problem, very spoiled.