The Journey to The End 107.7
Tomoe Hotaru in herself is quite an amazing individual, but not what would strike people as 'powerful'. I mean, she's small, weak and can't run without practically passing out. Yeah, well maybe she's not physically powerful, but what is power? One must define this before they jump to any conclusions.
So, depending on your definition of 'power', Hotaru may or may not contain much. However, I believe her to be an extremely powerful person. For example, she has the POWER to heal. That's not only very rare, unusual and important, but has the word POWER in the sentence.
Sailor Saturn, however, is undoubtably the most powerful senshi. Without a doubt. I mean, doesn't some one like Serenity or someone say that right out? So OBVIOUSLY there is no need to be convinced of this. Yet, if you doubt this statement, repeat aloud:
 "Who else could destroy the
world in three words?"
And those words are...
Manga Death

Anime Death Ribbon...
Death 'Ribbon' Revolution

 Silence Glaive Surprise
Slnc Glv Surprise
[or Silence Glaive Apply] 
Silent Wall

Manga Silent Wall

Moving Gif Silent Wall
[or Silence Block]

Hotaru's Henshin
Saturn Star Power, make up!
In the manga, however, she transforms just like anyone else....
In volume 14, when Saturn confronts Hotaru, Hotaru is the one to introduce the Outers to super-senshi status. 
Hotaru's henshin sparked a bit of taboo.
Saturn Planet Power, Make up?
There was a era, which I call the Henshin Conspiracy (about February 1998), whereat this series of images and moving gifs of it were circulating around. Rumour had it this was, indeed, the Henshin of the Silent Senshi.
Don't get me wrong, this was a jewel, a treasure, etc. etc. But I wasn't exactly sure what to believe. If it WAS her henshin, it was  a bit of a gyp --we didn't even get to see the fabrication of her fuku. Most respected sites assured us that Hotaru indeed had never been shown to transform (obviously she had to at some point, please don't confuse the context I use. I can be confusing) and though I had seen solitary pictures of saturn which some unreliable sites claimed to be her henshin before, it wasn't a substantial and besides, I wasn't inclined to believe that since I wanted to create my own.
Basically, it came to this conclusion: The Pics are shots from an aol avi file which was her henshin/intro from a SuperS video game. There is an excellent moving gif at Pretty Soldier Sailor Saturn's Homepage.