Links of Thanks

Here's my bibliography of sorts. As you know, this shop is largely made of links to cool stuff to be found on other sites. There are tons and tons I haven't put up here yet, and once I get a couple projects done, be sure I will be organizing better (I'm just pretending right now, but there is really no particular order...)!!! Here are ones I have used, and would like to thank for being cool:

the sailor saturn fanclub
sailor saturn top 5
Sailor Saturn Adoption Agency
puu's pop-culture thrift shop
Myu myu
Flowers for the Dead
Kimiki Kiss
Mistress of Titan Castle
end of the world
black dove
Sailor Capricorn's Moon Crystal Power
Sailor Moon Adoption Headquarters
Eternal Sailormoon Wonderland
The Anime Pet Shop
Sweet Dreams
NeoWicked Lady's Paradise
The Moonbeam Club
Adopt a Villian
Navi's Orphanage
Dark Palace of Saturn
Sailor Gif Adopt
Sailor Saturn's Toybox

THANK YOU!! I also have to thank my sister, Savannah, for sitting through my video captures and bearing with my excitment over this new project-- and letting me work on images for HER webpage... My lonely Shadow. I also must thank my RPG friends, at ROE for keeping me sane.

To see some amazing fanart (I assume) go to Annex Hotaru F3. It is hella amazing. I will be adding some stuff from tehre to the mad scientist posterboy soon. Especially visit ones that are calenders (if you can figure it out), as they have many months of pictures with them. Lovely lovely!

I'm still working on some sort of banner for linking here. I want to put some new art up, but my sister(Brina) stole the scanner and that makes panda sad.... Later

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