The Prof.Tomoe Shrine

Although this IS my own personal opinion, Tomoe is absolutely the cutest guy in the history of anime. And yes, WAY cuter than Mamo (that head!!). So this is my tribute to the awesome, wicked cool one himself...

And YES, I AM talking about Hotaru-chan's adourable father, the one who was possesed, the one with the cool star eye and the one Naoko Takeuchi killed, Professer Souichi Tomoe. So sue me! I love him!

My Anime Pics of Tomoe

My Manga Pics of Tomoe

My Tomoe Sounds (none yet)

Voice of Souichi
...Finally up! Welcome to the
World of Akira Kimiya!!

A History of Tomoe...(not yet)

My Tomoe Fanclub: Tomoe I Have Loved

Tomoe, the evil, but loving...