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It seems that in some ways it is easier to find SailorMoonS Villians to adopt than Hotaru. That's a total exaggeration, but isn't it fun to say??

I must put in a little clause about the content on this page. The Anime Pet Shop and Navi's Orphanage have quite similar adoptees. The still frames from the moving Prof.Tomoe from APS are available at NO, as well as the one I show. Also, there are many more versions of the Witches5 at Navi's Orphanage. I have shown each one in their normal outfit, as well as a selection from the "custom" section. I'd check this out if I were a fan. At adopt a villian, villians are available in stars or ovals, and either is available in an animated version.

Tsubasa has almost all these villians in all the different wing formats (fairy, angel, butterfly, bat). In fact, the whole series is represented largely in that way, if your'e interested.

Anyhow, I'm adding as I find more. Keep checking back if this is what you're into. If you know of any others, send the url to

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The Anime Pet Shop
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