Adopt-a-Saturn Listings

Alright, here's an effort to direct you to as many saturn adoptions as possible. I will adopt as I find, and post them all here for your selection. I am finding a lot more than I was really expecting. Back in my day of sailor saturn on the internet, there wasn't this kind of adoption obsession. But I can totally see why it caught on. I love them all so much I want to take them home. Especially Rainbow Brite ones.

Anyhow, so the problem is, I don't know how to organize this so it makes sense to YOU. I could throw them in any random order and it would make sense to me. But that doesn't really matter at this point. So, I am trying some categories, which will hopefully make it easier to find what YOU want. The ">>"s link to the section. Sometimes I forget...

Plus there is a TON of stuff to put up, so I'm working hard. It seems this section grows constantly, so check back often.

If you know of any others, send the url to ((Doesn't all this purple make you sick???))

Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn >>
From: Sailor Saturn Adoption Agency
Sailor Capricorn's MOON CRYSTAL POWER
Navi's Orphanage
Dark Palace of Saturn
Angels >>
From: Adopt an Angel Senshi
Navi's Orphanage
Sailor Saturn Adoption Agency
Sailor Saturn's Toy Box
Chibi-bitties >>
From: SweetDreams
The Anime Pet Shop
Navi's Orphanage
Sailor Gif Adopt
Dark Palace of Saturn
Chibi Adoption
Prof.Tomoe/Witches5/Mistress9 >>
From: The Anime Pet Shop
Navi's Orphanage
Adopt a Villian

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