It's the only colour Darker than Black

As everything turns a darker shade of black, the black is turning purple. This site is a small tribute to the Senshi of silence, of the planet of destruction. She is the one that must never awaken, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Saturn.   
This site is brought to you by the letters K and S and by the word Saturnalia, a 7 day Roman festival to Saturn that began on December 17th. I want to rename my site Saturnalia! I think it would be so cool! But, hey, if you've always wanted a page, and the only thing that stood in your way was a name, go for it!! ^_^ I'll super promote you, really! You've seen it happen before, right Huna? ^_^

Something to think about: 
Yes, we do love Sailor Saturn. We do think she is supremely cool, and we admire her sullen, composed stature. But people, she is a fictional character of Japanese animation, created from the mind of an amazing, yet HUMAN being. Many of us say we worship her as a form of stressing that we feel strongly about her, in the same way that I often say I wish to kill myself or someone else to show I am upset. Some of us are taking this too far. I know you'll probably read this with a mock gasp, but I really think that we should leave it at "really liking" Tomoe Hotaru. (My opinion, and mine is a free country...) Thank you.  

For the Ami-chan in All of Us
Ami's Cheat Sheet!So let's say you're looking for the largest Ami-chan manga gallery on the net. Let's say you feel like being hypnotised by a creepy water background. Let's say you love Aya whatsherface. You should then visit Ami's Cheat Sheet!! Forget visiting, why don't we all just move in?!? Anyway, get over there!

Get Real
Embrace knowledge! Welcome understanding! Spread honesty, integrity and true love throughout your being and your existence! Start every sentence with a (infinitive?)verb! Pretend to know what I'm talking about! 
Just Be. Here. Now
The Reality Organization's Official Homepage.
Welcome to Reality.


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    "You raise the blade,
    You make the change,
    You rearrange me till I'm sane...."
     -Pink Floyd, Brain Damage
      Copyright © 1997 køi-san