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voodoo doll
well, no witch-doctors in these parts (ha ha), but you will find the original "How to make a Saturn Doll for the North American Middle-Class Person's Soul" instruction manual. Not to be forgotten, a humble collection of Hotaru pictures that have been hollowed out for your fill-tool's pleasure. All this fun goodness, on special at your One-Stop Saturn Shop
I was at a site the other day which had a poll asking whether you thought fanart and fanfiction was trashy. I never thought of it that way before. I know most of my personal fanfiction is pretty lame, poorly written and has no plot, but what does that have to do with trashiness anyway? ^_^ Tee hee.

Scriptures is a collection of fanfiction with Saturn in the lead role. I'm proud of what we've got here, although I'm sure I could organize it better. I'm working on it. Also, I've started to put up some fan art (well, um, mine that I had scanned up already).

mad scientist poster boy
my pet project, a bit of a shrine to Hotaru's father, Proffessor Souichi Tomoe. If your heart hasn't been stolen by his enthralling laugh and charming profile, I invite you to experience the magic that is Prof. Tomoe.

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