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It must be made clear that this section of the shop links directly to pages not maintained by your shopkeeper koi, unless otherwise stated. Other sites maintain the fun stuff in this section! Tell them what fun you have had!
top5 - apparently the best 5 saturn sites on the web. ((this one's NOT there! heh!))
quiz - the saturn quiz that sucks the least. from the mistress of titan castle.
postcards - from silence knight. lots of good things are found at this site. including a killer layout. (sweet bacon, zude, thanks.)
ykylsstmw - you know you like sailor saturn to much when. some people are into this kinda thing... (wait, shouldn't I be saying that about my hentai link?)) from end of the world. make-a-song - how fun is that?? here's how to get there: once you get to the frames page, click the 3rd rose, then on 'dark hymns'. fill in the blanks and have fun. from black dove. free email -
or try in your URL field.
fanclub - ssf is the mother of all saturn fanclubs. a great place to hang out if you're into saturn stuff. KiSS dolls - a collection of free saturn paperdolls for your computer. Currently files are based off my server, due to events at hentai - and not nessicarily good hentai either ((Not for kids, BTW)).
bikini images - for something a little tamer.
why is this here?
adopt-a-saturn - Locally-based listing of all the saturn adoptions I could find. Always being updated. a saturn clock- A cute little clock for your webpage. from eternal sailormoon wonderland. fansubs - japanese episodes w/subtitles. Saturn episodes are marked! Isn't she great?!? from puu's pop-culture thrift shop
wallpaper - Another locally based list of saturn desktop wallpapers found around the web. Yay!
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