In every generation there is a chosen one. She alone will stand agains the demons, vampires, and forces of the dark. She is the Slayer.

Well, Hota-chan is definately a dark force. So what would happen if their paths crossed? The Silencer and the Slayer.

This fanfic is a product of my mind. Beware.
This fanfic was written not very far into the second season of buffy. You know, back in the day when you could watch one episode and not wonder what the hell was going on. None of this soap-opera, 14-weeks-later-we-finally-see-what-this-does business. Think 'the chosen one' era. Angel and Buffy had gotten together, and it was such a direct reflection of Usagi and Mamoru I felt like freaking out. But instead I wrote this fic.
There are also a couple references to stuff-you-see-in-anime (ie, sweat drops, me and my anime crazy friend) and the canadian identity (me and my anime crazy friend). Just go with it. A Word of Warning: This makes fun of Buffy for the most part. Thing is, I love Buffy (except Riley is a whore)! So, while I bash Mamo because I hate him, Buffy-lovers should not flame me. Thank you.


"Oh, hey Giles! Have you seen Angel ?" Buffy said cheerfully to the dull librarian.

"I'm afraid we may have... more important matters at hand..." he replied.

"Whaddaya mean? If I can't find Angel who will go to the dance with me tonight?"

Willow looked up from her book at Xander. "Should you tell her or me?"

"Hey, there's no way I'm telling her..."

"What, do I have to slay tonight? You've got some new vampire stuff or something?"

Giles took the floor again, "Well... yes, you will in most probability be slaying tonight. However it seems it won't be a vam--" The library door opened and in walked the resplendent, astounding, [insert preferred adjective] K-CHAN! He was totally clad in black as he handed the thick book to Giles. Giles glanced at the cover.

"Oh yes... the Encyclopaedia of Government Conspiracy Theories... I remember you... taking that out yesterday..."

"You're Gov't is really screwed up... but thanks anyway..." Kerr replied. He turned and left before they could say another word.

"Wow..." Buffy gasped.

"Did he have a weird aura, or was it just me?" Willow wondered.

"It's too bad he's got a girlfriend already..." Buffy mentioned

"Buffy!" Willow said.

"Oh, sorry. So I'm not slaying vampires. Great! No graveyards for me. Nope, party on."

Buffy, even I think tonight is going to be a problem..." Xander said, "I mean, way worse than a vampire..."

"What? Worse than a vampire? No way, you guys have your planetary alignments wrong or something..."

"No." said a dark luminous voice from the doorway, "She is the Death Firefly. She has destroyed the world, killed herself, and is now among us. You must be strong

"Angel, are you crazy? I hate bugs!"

"Buffy, this slayer [sailor? ^_^] business! You've got to take it even a tiny bit seriously. Your enemy is stronger than any ever encountered previously. There's no garentee that your stakes w--"

Willow was interrupted by Cordelia who at that moment stuck her head in the door and said. "I have dibs on that new guy!"

"Hey, get back here!" Buffy called. She then turned to Giles, Willow and Xander. "So, what time what place?"

"We don't really know. She is Chaos. She doesn't bother with time." Giles said.

"Okay I'll keep my eyes open, then." Buffy said and ran out the door. Sweatdrops abide the group (except Angel. He's far to *good* for sweat drops...)

"Firefly..." Kerr whispered. She turned to him with inquiring eyes, "There is something evil in the library. Do you want to check it out?"

Hotaru nodded, "I'll ask for a book on lamps or something... Wait for me here, okay?" K-chan nodded. They quietly parted, she headed for the library.

"Did you see that?" Cordelia asked. "They hardly even look at each other! How can she hog him like that?"

By that time Buffy kind of noticed Hotaru walking toward them, seeing as they were standing right out of the library doors. She pulled Cordelia in the doors and grabbed the nearest book off the shelf.

Hotaru took each step slowly, carefully, as if she may at any moment step on the evil lurking within. She passed Buffy. Her mind was amass of signals of the presence.

"She's so pale, she looks like Death." Cordelia whispered. "I'm out of here..."

Hotaru reached the table beside which Giles stood. "I'm looking for something on slayers--err--silence--um--science... do you have anything on lamps?"

Cordelia escaped the library and noticed K-chan standing by the water fountain, reading one of those things Ami-chan was at breakfast in Hatsukoi. So she decided to mosey on up to him, just to say hi, that's all!


"Oh, hi..."

"So... what are you doing tonight?"


"I mean, are you going to the dance at the Bronze?"

"Yeah, it sounds groovy. Hotaru would love it."

"She would?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't she?"

"She just doesn't seem like the type to like that kind of thing..."

"Well, once I drag her out there she'll have a blast. She just needs out of her room, that's all..."

"Oh. Well, I'll see you there..."

"Yeah. See you." he said as he broke away to join up with Hotaru who was exiting the library. "Well...?"

"You were right."

"Was I? They've got friendly people here."

"They've got a slayer." she stumbled. K-chan took her books from her. "Is that a problem?"

"In and of itself, no. But I sense a dangerous colleague. It's not normal. It freaks me out."

K-chan smiled and put his arm around her. "You'll be fine."

Angel knew that the eclipse that night would bring something, or someone, that would change his *life*. So he walked into the safe, secluded darkness of an alley to watch. He had always seen darkness as a safe refuge. It would always protect him. The fool.

The moon was almost eclipsed. Only a sliver remained. Then it was gone. There was no light in even the faintest trace falling on Angel now. He waited for his eyes to adjust, but by that time the moon had begun to wax. High up on the building, silhouetted on the celestial sphere, stood a figure with knee high lace ups and a huge bow that was being tossed in the breeze. In her hand she held a massive weapon: the Glaive of Silence.

Angel gasped. It was Death Firefly! His first thought was, "Damn, I won't be going to the dance tonight." His second was to go find Buffy, but he sensed that her little stakes would hold nothing against the Glaive.

Right now I feel like putting in a speech, but she is the senshi of silence, so it would give a better affect if she didn't, so...

"Shinde..." Saturn whispered and soared down apon him. (You DID realise that was Saturn, right?)

At this moment Buffy was looking for Angel because the dance was starting, and stepped into the alley to see this sailor suited pretty soldier with a huge sharp object to his throat.

"Hey!" Buffy was about to say, but the soldier stopped in the above position and said, "Move and he dies."

Buffy stopped short. How did she know she was there? Yikes! And if she killed Angel, who would go to the dance with her? Horrors!

"He is evil, slayer." Saturn continued.

"No, he's just a vampire!" Buffy objected.

"Do you know what we senshi do to vampires?" Saturn asked, turning to Angel.

Now, word gets around fast in the vampire world, so Angel was aware of the fate of Ririka's possessor.

"No! No! Not... Sailor Special Garlic Attack! Please! Spare me!" Angel pleaded.

Saturn smiled a sinister smile, "Can you smell the Korean barbecue?"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Angel screamed.

"No! Stop hurting him! He's too cute to die!" Okay, I realise that's not the only reason she likes him, but, hey, artistic licence!

Saturn stepped back and lowered the Glaive. She suppressed laughter. "I haven't touched garlic since the fourth grade*. I love psychology! ^.^!" *once again, this is a fan FIC...

"What?!?!?" Buffy exclaimed. Then she realised Angel wasn't being threatened anymore, so she ran at Saturn with her stake. Hota--err-- Saturn just held the Glaive between them.

"Slay what you must, when they must be slain. No exceptions." Saturn said. "Now if you'll excuse me I have a dance to go to." At that she walked calmly into the shield of darkness.

Willow was becoming worried. It was at least ten minutes into the dance and Buffy still wasn't there. "Do you see her yet?" she asked Xander.

"No, not ye-- oh wait! There she is, coming in with Dead-boy..."

Buffy approached Willow and Xander (Koi, why didn't you just say "them"?!), "Hey guys! Come on Angel, we've missed, like, so much!"

Willow grabbed her arm. "Buffy, wait! We know who Death Firefly is!"

Buffy, though she had already encountered her, wasn't REALLY sure who EXACTLY it was, but she was bright enough to realise she was going to be at the dance. "Great! Who is it?"

"Hotaru Tomoe."

"No way! That little thing?"

"Yeah, her name in Japanese means Death Firefly! Watch her..."

"Well, we've already encountered her..."

"What? What did she want?" Xander asked.

"Oh, right. She said I had to slay Angel. Something about Korean Barbecue... Then she said she had to go to a dance."

"But she's not here yet..." Willow began. Angel glanced over his shoulder, "Yes, she is." he said as Hota and K-chan swung laughing through the door. Angel started to walk away. "I'm going to keep a low profile."

Willow watched him leave, "He scared?"

"Terrified." Buffy replied.

So Hotaru and K-chan are partying on and having a rockin' time. "So, how'd it go?"

"It was fine. I pulled the Korean Barbecue bit. I didn't think he'd scream so loud."

"Is it done?"

"Nah. I'm not sure I have it in me. And I know she won't do it, she's too..."

"In love with him?"

"If it were that bad I'd kill them both! What she has is a bad case of infatuation. It's not the same as..."


Hotaru smiled, "Right... K-chan, he's here. He's close. And he's angry."

"I'll watch your back." Kerr smiled back. The band started a slow song. Did you know they have a webpage? Okay, never mind. Buffy couldn't find Angel anywhere, and Willow was off and about with Xander, so she was pretty much alone. Then she saw him (Angel) talking to Cordelia. Thank God they weren't dancing, or that would be one good as slain girl. She watched Cordelia nod and walk away and Angel circle her at a distance. What were they doing?

Hota and K-chan were completely at ease in each others' arms. Then there was a tap on Hotaru's shoulder. She looked up sharply.

"May I cut in?" Cordelia asked. Hotaru looked up at him with those "no I can't leave you" eyes... but she was to nice to say, "No you bitch, get lost." So she stepped back reluctantly.

Hotaru watched them sadly when she got another, by now annoying, tap on the shoulder. This time it was Angel. Hotaru's stomach lurched. She turned to Kerr.

"I'll watch him." he whispered in Japanese. Hotaru hesitantly inched up to him, unsettled by his dark aura. Did you know you can actually feel that in certian people? That's how you know someone annoying/really awesome has come in before you see them. Seriously, it's happened to me! Oh, but anyway... He held her close, which upset her further.

Kerr was a hawk after his pray for that song, never letting them out of his sight, but eventually Cordelia managed to turn him away from them.

This is the scariest, baddest part! I hate it! It makes me so sad.... I don't want to type it! (Oh, Koi, grow up! It's not going to kill you!) Yes! It will! Why won't Angel act his age? (Like, dead?) Yeah...

Hotaru felt a cold hand on her cheek. She looked p. "Let go, Death..." he whispered and his lips met hers.

"I now kiss the lips of Evil..." Hotaru thought, "And they're not K-chan's..."

"K-chan!!" she screamed, breaking from the vampire who was seducing her.

"Firefly!" Kerr flew to her and she collapsed in his arms, her eyes unfocused and streaming tears, "I... don't want him to... please K-chan... I don't want him to..."

He looked at Angel. "What the hell did you do to her?" he demanded.

Angel remained indifferent, but Buffy flipped. "Angel!" she said in a hoarse whisper, pulling him to the side. "Why did you do that?"

K-chan looked at Hotaru. "Firefly...come on, be strong..." Hota felt a sense of strength in his soft voice and stood independent of him, though her hand remained on his.

"The game you play is a product of your sick mind. If you aim to kill me I will remind you I am the senshi of rebirth as well as death. Do not underestimate me." she said though she struggled just to say these simple words.

Angel turned to Buffy, "Can you slay her?" Buffy nodded. K-chan began to protest, but Hota shook her head.

"We shall take it out side. There, you can try."

"What, is this an international sport now?" Kerr referred to the spectators Xander and Willow.

Once again, Hotaru shook her head, "K-chan, this is their game. They have that right."

K-chan took her hands and looked her in those deep violet eyes. "Come back to me, Firefly. What would I do if you..."

Hota smiled sadly, "You could be my 3rd father, I suppose. No, I don't feel like another childhood today. I'll be back, K- chan." she said and kissed him softly. Then she turned to Buffy. "Anytime."

Buffy ran at Hotaru, ready to drive a stake into her chest. Before anyone, including Hotaru, knew what was happening, a stunning purple forcefield expanded from Hota, who had the sign of Saturn on her forehead, blowing Buffy back so that she was flung into a wall. Willow and Xander gasped as Buffy remained motionless.

"Oh, my God..." Hotaru whispered. "I didn't mean to..."

Angel knelt beside Buffy, "Buffy... Buffy, speak to me!"

Hotaru frowned. "What is it?" Kerr asked. Hotaru spoke as she watched the ordeal. "Vampires have no ethics, no morals... why is he doing this? K-chan, I am so confused."

Buffy, held by Angel, faced Hotaru. "What are you?" she demanded

"A bishoujo senshi; a pretty soldier; bringer of death; spirit of rebirth; the dark messiah; take your pick..." Hotaru was anything BUT flaunting her qualities.

"Are you the next anointed one?" Buffy asked.

"Does that make much sense to you? Why would I, as the anointed one, want to kill your boyfriend?..." Hotaru trailed off. She turned to Kerr with forelorned eyes. "I have become Mamoru." she whispered. " I have become Mamoru. I have put my own love in danger in order to destroy another. K-chan, I'm so sorry...!"

A dark mist left her body and condensated into this guy with "roooooooses, a black tuxedo and a cape!" The return of the Masked Tuxedo! NO! You can imagine neither Hotaru nor K-chan are really pleased to see this guy.

"In the corner of the universe there is a planet that plays a beautiful melody: the planet Saturn. I will not allow anyone destroy its eternal song. May love... and the beauty of space reign forever. Sailor Saturn! Search deep into your hea---"

"Oh, shut up already!" K-chan really couldn't stand this guy. "I love your speeches, I really do, but either get to the point or get lost."

Suddenly Willow clapped her hands together. "Oh! I know you! I've seen you on TV. What is it, that Saiiilor Mooon show?"

"Excuse me?" Head was kind confused.

"Yeah, you know, 'winning evil by midnight, fighting love by noonlight, wish the sailors would come help fight, she is the one called Sailor Moon...'"

"Oh my God, Willow! You know the theme song?" Xander exclaimed.

Suddenly all the streetlights went out. Except one, under which stood two beautiful, gorgeous, wick-cool brunettes wearing silver dress shirts.

"You dare insult anime, oh ye who salt perish! You are shunning salvation! We cannot allow you to deface this, the essence of life!"

"We are bold!"

"We are beautiful!"

"We are otaku!"

"AND WE - ARE - CANADIAN!!!" they cried together.

"With the power to turn any sentence into a question, I am Manga-Artist Huna, eh?"

"With the power to measure in metric, I am The Evil, But Loving Koi-san!" (That's my full title. Seriously.)

"Together we will speak French and brave sub-zero temperatures in the name of anime!"

K-chan, Hota, Tux K-, Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Willow stared blankly at the pair.

"Quickly, Manga-Artist Huna! The sweat-drops!" Koi shouted.

Huna withdrew her Magical-Anime Pencil(TM) and proceeded to draw teardrop-shapes sitting above the head of each. "Okay, don't move, eh?"

"Oh. My. God. They are insane." K-chan mentioned and hung his head.

"Huna-chan! A mushroom! Quick, before it's too late!"

Huna rushed over to K-chan and drew a little mushroom floating out of his mouth.

All the little heads had been dotted, the mushroom put in place. "Uh, now what, Koi?"

Koi frowned and scratched her head her head, "I dunno... why are we here?"

"To defend anime..."

"Oh, RIGHT!" she cleared her throat and turned to the group. "Consider this a warning. You cannot escape our wrath.... watch Akira today." she mentioned as they turned and left.


"Hello?" Xander feebly called.

"I can't move." K-chan muttered. Hota-chan stretched and plucked the sweatdrop and mushroom away from him. "I am free!!!!! Yippee! Woooo hooo!!!!" K-chan ran around like a maniac.

"K-chan, do you mind?" Hota mentioned.

"Oh, right!" he exclaimed and removed her sweatdrop. They began removing them off the others, then Hotaru came to Angel.

"Tell me the truth... you are vampire, and what else?"


"Why do you care? How can you love her?"

"While I'm a vampire? Does it matter?" he was basically provoking her. "Now can you get rid of this--- thing?"

"What about this guy?" Xander called referring to Tux K-.

"Leave him..." K-chan replied.

"Listen, I'm willing to leave you alive-- or rather, in one piece, if I have a decent reason..." Hotaru persued the subject further.

Angel considered. Even if she weren't the end of him, Kerr would be, "The difference is, I have a soul. It gives me a conscience, if you will..."

Hotaru's head went down and her shoulders shook. Angel thought she was laughing, but when she raised her head there were tears running down her cheeks. "Do you feel this?" she demanded as she took her fingers from her lips to his, "Feel it? It burns, deeper, deeper... I wouldn't believe what you have said-- a conscience -- after that if I hadn't seen you and her..." she trailed off. "Maybe it is love..." she said absently, then took his sweat drop.

K-chan was interrogating Tux K-. "So, how'd you get out of... hell? You thought you'd possess her, and everything would be alright? Let me assure you, everything is not alright."

"Okay, okay, I possessed her, but she was too used to being possessed, so I couldn't control her the way I wanted to. I could only influence her subconsciously. When she realised it was me, I was basically driven out. Now please take this sweatdrop off my head!"

"I'll take your whole head off if you don't watch it! K-chan... that's Kerr-san to you buddy... said threateningly.

"Mamoru... I killed you, did I not?" Hotaru said sweetly.

"Uh huh..."

"Which makes you... dead..."


Hotaru turned to Buffy, "Could you do us all a favour?" See that? See it? 'favOUR'

"With pleasure..." Buffy's stake drove into his chest and he blew up into a puff of smoke. Only the sweat drop remained.

"So, where to now?" Hotaru asked K-chan.

"I dunno, anywhere but Canada..." K-chan thought back to the interlude of the otaku...

"Hey, why not go to Alberta? It's kinda in the same direction..." Xander said.

Stupid Americans.

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