Hey K-chan: The Un-Named Fanfic!

It was January 6th and Hotaru-chan was sitting miserably among her lamps. Then there was a knock on the door. She looked up and smiled. "Come in!"

Kerr walked in with a large present in his hands. "Happy Birthday, Firefly!" he handed her the present, sat down beside her and put his arm around her.

"Arigato!!" she said and began to pick at the scotch tape. "Thanks for acknowledging it. Chibi-Usa is pretending to forget. It's pretty annoying. I know she just wants to surprise me, but she's not too good at lying."

"Well, if I wanted to surprise you, I'd give you a half-birthday party!" Kerr smiled. "But think of the great bash they're going to throw you! I mean, just pretend they know you know, and just aren't letting you help... It's almost the same thing..."

Hotaru nodded and ripped the paper off the package. The image on the box reflected in her huge happy eyes. "A Lavalamp!! Domo arigato K-chan!!!" she cried and gave him a kiss. Kerr was still smiling.

"Well, it's pretty sad when you collect lamps and you don't have one of these babies, Firefly."

"Purple!!!" Hota noted. She gave him a nice long yummy kiss. In the middle of which, the phone rang (isn't that always the way?!?!?) Kerr reaches for it and mutters hello through the mess of lips.

"Uh, hi'm a hittle bthy righ now, Chibhi-Ustha...hrigh, hi'll tell her..." he hung up.

Finally Hota let go of him. "Sorry..." she said and curled up against him.

"Well, Firefly, it seems that Chibi-Usa has some new 'manga' she wants you to check out..."

Hota stuck out her tongue. "Manga, hright..." She smiled in spite of herself, and put the lava lamp on a table. "I don't suppose you'd like to read it too..." she looked at him from the corner of her eye.

"If there'll be ice cream involved, you bet, but if that Chiba Mamoru character will be there, no thanks."

Hotaru sighed. Why can't he get over that guy? Just because he's an orphaned collage student who modelled to pay tuition (nude, probably) and yet has a Ferrari, super nice bike and a big screen TV doesn't mean that he's a drug dealer or anything...

"But I'll drive you, okay Firefly?"

When Kerr pulled up in his beat up '83 Firefly (heh, heh) Mamo tensed up. He (Mamo) was a weakling and knew that Kerr could beat the crap out of him with both hands tied behind his back and a weed wacker, and they had enough conflicts between them as it was."

"Today of all days..." Mamo muttered. But the reason he couldn't anticipate this remains a mystery. I mean, Kerr was only, like, her boyfriend...

Usagi glanced up at him. "Something wrong?"

Head shifts nervously, "No... no, nothing..."

Hotaru get to the door and Head sighs when Kerr is not there. "So, where's the manga Chibi-Usa? Why's the couch pulled out so far...?" One...two....three...


Streamers, confetti, the works. Hotaru remembers her parting words with K-chan...Remember...act Surprised...

Mamo notices a cold draft. He glances at the front area to see Kerr leaning in the doorway. Watching. Mamo pretends not to notice.

After going through almost all the presents, Mamo gives Hota the last gift, wrapped in brown paper with a piece of twine. She regards it, the goes for the string. Suddenly Kerr runs across the room, jumps and rolls over the table (while grabbing the parcel), chucks it out the window (consequently breaking it...OOPS...) and yells, "Everyone, GET DOWN!!" Next thing they know there's a huge explosion blowing out the remaining window.

Kerr confronts Mamoru. "Does your name mean protect, or murder? That was my girlfriend you almost blew up back there..."

Mamo makes a run for it, but before he knows it he's pinned on the Tsukino kitchen floor with a knife to his throat! ^_^ Yay K-chan! ^_^ Unfortunately, Usagi's mom and Shingo come in.

"What was tha-- Oh, my God, call the police!!" Ikiko mama screamed, "Hello? Yes, please help me! There's a man with a knife in my house and something just blew up in my front yard! Uh-huh..."

"No, no! Mamma-san! It's not..." Usagi tried to help clear things up, but no! Kerr put away his knife and stood up. "Don't you dare pull anything like that again, do you understand?"

Hotaru stood sadly in the kitchen doorway, then turned to her shocked friends in the living room and forced a smile, "It's been a great bash, but I think I should go home..."

"I'll go with you!" Chibi-Usa offered.

"Thank you. I don't think that would be a good. Then everyone else would want to come too..." she trailed off.

"I'll get the car..." Kerr mentioned and gave Mamo an icy stare as he turned to the door.

Now wanted for attempted murder and whatever planting a bomb is called, Kerr escapes Tokyo into Hotaru's room.

"The nerve of that guy! I mean, Usagi was standing right beside you, and if he really DID care so much about her..." Kerr paced the room as Hota-chan stared at the churning indigo wax of the lavalamp. She sighed.

"I can't believe she waited for him that whole time his plane was screwed up or whatever. It's not Like he ever gave her anything..."

"Except a ring." Hotaru replied. "K-chan, relax. I know they'll clear everything up with the police and Mamoru."

Kerr forced a smile. "You're right, of course..." he sat opposite her and stared at the lavalamp, too. "I've got a blue one of these at home, but the purple looks really good with your eyes." He sat a moment...


Suddenly he stood up, "What the hell are we doing here? It's your birthday, I should take you out for supper! How does nihon sobah sound?"

"Oooh! Yummers! But what about the police?"

"You said yourself they'd clear everything up, and after a bomb, what's getting arrested? Come on!" he said as he grabbed her hand and ran out to the battered Firefly.

"K-chan, you're speeding..." Hotaru noted.

"Firefly, that's because I don't have my automatic license! ^_^"

"You WHAT?"

"Well, I don't..."

"So, why didn't you get a standard?" She asked.

"Well, I... wanted something to remind me of you..." he said meekly. (Actually, there are standard Fireflys, but whatever...)

"Aww..." Hota smiled and blushed. "Now let me remind you that you're speeding and you just passed the restaurant."

"Oh, thanks..." he said, slowing down, but failing to signal as he prepared to turn. Then his cell started ringing (sorry, but EVERYBODY should have a cell...)

"And don't you dare answer that phone!" she said. He pulled a little guilty face and handed it to her.

"Hi, it's Firefly."

The voice on the other end replied. "Uh... hi. Listen, about today..."


"Well, could you tell your boyfriend..."

"He has a name."

"Yeah, yeah. Could you tell KERR...*deep breath* thatI'mreallysorryabouttodaysopleaseforgivemeplease?" head said in a dull, reciting voice.

What a wacko.. Hota thought, then said, "K-chan, it's for you..."

"Ooo! Look! I can parallel park in an automatic! Heehee!" Sorry to bust your bubble, but....


"I'mreallysorryabouttodaysopleaseforgivemeplease?" in the same dull tone.

To both Hotaru and Mamo's surprise, Kerr didn't blow up. "I have 2 questions: Why did you do it, and who made you call me?"

"Um.. hang on a sec... [why did I do it?... oh...] I'm sorry my attorney advises against the circulation of that knowledge sorry." The dullness continues. If there was ever someone who didn't mean anything more than him, it was a looooong time ago.

"I don't give a d**n about your attorney! You almost killed my girlfriend and I want to know why!!!"

"K-chan, it's not important..." Hotaru whispered.

"Yes, it is. If we can't understand what he wants, we'll never know how to get rid of him..." There's only one problem with that theory, as we will find out later...

"Whether you like it or not, that is my best friend's father and both of our future king. The future is rewritable, yet predecided. Don't mess with it. Now let's get that sobah, eh? ^_^" [My note: I hate time. It is relative, and irrelevant (sorry Setsuna! ~.^)]

Diner was great. K-chan disconnected his cell (which cut off Mamo who sat on the other end for 3 hrs until Diana stepped on the receiver and the operator began wondering what this monotone pervert wanted) so they were uninterrupted. ^_^

Afterwards they went to the park for a little snuggle ^_^ Awwww... (sorry---)The moon shone down on the two and a soft breeze lofted afew cherry blossoms by (So it's January. So there's supposed to be snow. THIS IS MY FANFIC AND I SAY THERE'S CHERRY BLOSSOMS! HA! ---err, sorry...)

Everything was perfect. Not a tuxedo suited freak of nature in sight. No wackos throwing roses or fighting off transgendered generals with sticks... *sigh* heaven.... (Oh, sorry again... back to K-chan and Hota...) When he was with Hota, he felt so one with the world (exept of course--I won't even say it...). He wished she would never leave. He didn't even have a picture of her. All he had was his car. He realised that would make a great song for the Depths of Despair.

Suddenly he stopped. Something was about to go wrong. He could feel it. Hotaru turned to him, "K-chan...?"

"Firefly!!!" he screamed as he pushed her out of the path of a rose of the most elusive scarlet colour... (Oup! K-chan, better get out the weed wacker!)

"K-chan!!" Hotaru cried as the poor guy got himself impaled on the back of his shoulder. He fell to the ground in total utter and absolute pain. He dug his fingers into the ground and wished so badly that Hotaru was there instead. And the tear that fell he wished had fell on her...


(K-chan! I'm here! I'll save you if she won't!!!! WAHHH!!!!!)

"I am so selfish. I am so selfish." he repeated over and over in his mind. "I shouldn't want her to feel my pain..." And he let go.

And now, a word from our sponsors...(that's, like....me! ^_^)

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! K-chan!!!!!!!! Please!!!! Don't leave me--I mean... Hota!!!!!!! You must hold on! You must show him he can't do anything to you! NO!!!! It's not worth it! It's giving in! It's being weak! I--err, she needs you!!! WAHHH!!!!!!!!

And now, back to the regularly scheduled program...

The guy in the tux smiled to himself. It was not the intended target, but it was almost better this way. Come to think of it, he didn't know where this urge to kill his daughter's friend came from, but it was a command that was difficult to disobey (that's why K-chan might have some problems finding his motive...)

He also wondered why his dinky flower was having such a huge effect on Kerr, of all people. Usually they only served as a bit of a distraction even on the weakest of victems (if you want to call them that....). So why was his fiercest enemy collapsed on the ground?

This whole time Hotaru is wishing to hell that she had her Glaive on her (Glaive! Glaive! Yeah-yeah-yeah!). As a measure to keep herself in a sane piece of mind, she picked up a stick. Psychologically, this was soothing, and she felt alot better with something to hold. But, to her surprise, the stick began to change shape until it had become the real live Silence Glaive! (Tux is shaking now... heh heh -.^!)

She looked at her poor widdle K-chan, who was completely passed out on the ground next to her, then at the rose that had caused the misfortune. Her eyes narrowed with anger (in the first draft I used "rage" but it sounded a little over powering for kawaii Hota-chan...) and she stared at the elusive Tuxedo Kamen.

"I could care less that you tried to blow me up, or any of the others that would have gone with me, but what you have done has deprived me of the greatest happiness I have ever known. I will not forgive. I will not forget." [You tell him, Hota- chan!]

She raised the Glaive in front of her, and Tux "watched as you changed"--oh PULease...--- as her plain dark dress became the equivalent of Princess Serenity's, only in black, with those oh, so firmiliar spiky sleeves, and he knew he was in for it. Big time. Now, this is not the traditional Sailor Princess get up, but so far no one has complained that Hotaru has a better fashion sense than the ancient greeks, soo...

This creation of my mind, how well it worked away at his dwindling being. Soon he too will be succumbed by the ultimate- - oh, wrong story ^_^ Sorry...

Her knees bent, and she prepared to attempt the terrifying, only-in-anime leap that would finish him off, but she hadn't realised that in order to completely destroy him as the Princess of Death (or Saturn, if you don't like the sounds of that one...) she must do so in the last decided moment in the life of King Endymion. Due to the strength of her imminent decision, she and the surrounding beings around her were suddenly transported through surreal methods to the last definite moment in Crystal Tokyo. The squirrels scattered away as a voice halted the proceedings.

"Endymion! What is going on?" It was... now let's get these prefixes right. Not Usagi, not Sailor Moon, not Super Sailor Moon, not Eternal Sailor Moon, not Princess Serenity, but Neo-Queen Serenity...and (basically) EVERYONE else.

Hotaru remained focused on her target as she spoke. "I am sorry, Neo-Queen Serenity, but as much as you have taught me to forgive, this is one thing I cannot. I don't expect you to forgive me, either, but let destruction take its toll."

"Hotaru, please! He has done nothing wrong!" Ha, he needs others to defend him!

"He has destroyed all I hold dear to me."

"For one wrong he is to face death?"

"It is my last request before I take my life, my queen."

"And for more than one wrong..." all eyes turned to the dark silhouette of the Guardian of time. "He has committed more than one wrong..."

The confession of the Guardian of Time

and the

Truth About Chibi-Usa

Actually, I'm not going to type this up. It's probably the only hetai thing I've ever written, and I don't intend to type it out. Here's the just of it. Serenity's at some world diplomatic tour or something, and Endymoin calls on Pluto to go over some "anti-time rebellist movements"... then he basically seduces her and, after a while, we have Chibi-Usa. Pluto then increased time for the next 9 months, then edited that time frame so only Endymoin and herself could remember the truth. So this answers a bunch of questions. Like, where did Chibi-Usa get her red eyes? Why is she Pluto's only friend? How did she *happen* to be born on Neo-Serenity's birthday? Why was she so drawn to Mamoru and not Usagi? Why is Pluto so melancholic?]

"Small Lady is my daughter."

They stared open mouthed and shocked at the dark figure infront of them. Everyone had their secrets, but this was incomprehensible.

Some turned to catch Endymoin's reaction, but he was closed, unfeeling as stone, his eyes: two spheres of cold blue ice. No emotion shone within.

The Queen dropped to her knees, sobbing and clutching the child who was full of disbelief and denial.

"May I kill him now?" Hotaru asked.

Uranus and Mars stood on either side of her, backing her up completely, but she shook her head. "I will do it for Setsuna and I. Alone." Her eyes never left the one who had been so rightfully antagonised.

The two stepped back. "Just leave a piece of him for me." Uranus said. Although she didn't plan on it, Hotaru silently agreed. She remained focused, but for the first time realised how difficult it was to kill a person purely out of remorse.

"For give me, Serenity... Chibi-Usa..." she whispered, then shot up and came down on Enymion with a small sideswipe of the Glaive. But just as she was about to contact him, she heard the faintest whisper, "Firefly..."

The Glaive clattered to the ground. Hota ran over to her poooooooooooor widdle K-chan. "K-chan..." she cried. "We could've stayed home...K-chan..." her tears streamed down from all the times she had wished to but held back.

"...we can't hide from the world, Firefly..." Kerr whispered, his eyes barely open. "...hit him hard for me..." he put his fingers over hers and closed his eyes.

"No! Wait..." Hota cried. She stared at the rose embedded in his shoulder. Slowly, slowly, she dislodged it and put her fingers on the wound. Within seconds it had closed. His eyes remained closed, though there was a hint of a smile on his face. Hota had almost lost hope as she stared at the rose in her hands. Suddenly she shot up.

"SHINDE!!!" she screamed and launched it back at Enymion. He was, like, totally out of it and it fatally impaled him (Yay, Hota! ^_^) Hotaru landed right at the Glaive, which she conveniently picked up...

The fatal impailmant was mostly due to the fact that Mamo was a weakling, but also because it was covered in the blood of his enemy. Freaky, eh? ^_^

No matter how much he groaned or moaned, Mamo (who's, oh yeah, Endymion right now...) couldn't milk sympathy out of anyone today. They watched him drop to the ground. Silence. Then he disappeared in a streak that shot into the ground.

"He has returned to his origins..." Neptune mentioned.

"...Hell." Uranus finished for her.

Hotaru lost the dress and Glaive. "K-chan!!!" she sobbed into his beautiful hair (sorry, but it is! ^_^)

Here's what I wanted him to say right here: Darling Firefly, kiss me now so I may live to see your shining eyes once more before I leave this world, though I am not worthy of such honour...

But he really says; "Firefly... I don't deserve you..."

"Yes, you do." Hotaru sobbed, "Because I need you... because I love you..."

THEN she kisses him.


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